Get access to a large database of cases featuring decisions of the Supreme Court, Court of Appeal and the National Industrial Court. Our database consists of 5000+ carefully selected cases. The database is updated on a weekly and semi-annual basis. The Weekly Updates are reserved for Professional Subscribers; while the semi-annual updates are reserved for Standard Subscribers.


We provide a comprehensive database of federal legislations and selected state legislations. The database is constantly updated to add new laws or notable subsidiary legislations that are made by the federal government or by a federal regulatory body. As a corollary to this service, we offer WEEKLY SUMMARIES of major developments in the legislative and regulatory space.


Lawlane is a one-stop destination for all forms of legal research and professional development. The Lex Collegium is Lawlane’s legal knowledge hub and provides diverse resources for different categories of legal needs: from academic research to professional advancement. Lex Collegium has special features designed for students and professionals exploring new areas of law.



Our database is updated every week to give you access to the most recent and topical resources that you may require. Our case database, legislations and Lex Collegium are updated regularly to bring you the most relevant and up-to-date materials you require for continued professional and academic excellence.


Our summaries cover major legal events on a weekly basis. Our legal summaries cut across notable judicial decisions, legislative developments at the National Assembly and major regulations from federal regulators within the week in focus.  Our Weekly Summaries are designed to enable subscribers stay up-to-date with major legal developments.


Lex-Draft is an AI-powered drafting solution that generates peer reviewed precedents and sample clauses to assist solicitors in drafting simple and complex commercial agreements. Lex-Draft can assist lawyers in developing arguments for legal issues by suggesting authorities and auto-completing arguments.


The Lawlane Journal is a peer reviewed collection of topical articles, essays and materials written by industry experts. It provides the best easily accessible and reliable resources for diverse kinds of research and professional needs; and integrates industry rich contents for consultation for any professional inquiry.

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Our overriding objective is subscriber satisfaction and to deliver the highest standard of services consistent with, and above, the market benchmarks, as part of our broader goal of excellence and reliability, which is complemented at all times by our responsiveness to subscriber needs, complains or challenges in record time.

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