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FAQ Page



  • What cases are available on your website?

    Lawlane reports judgements from three major courts;

    i. The Supreme Court

    ii. The Court of Appeal

    iii. The National Industrial Court

    Lawlane provides three categories of judgements;

    i. Foundation and locus classicus cases (foreign and domestic);

    ii. Cases of great notoriety and landmark cases

    iii. Recent cases.

  • Can I view cases in offline mode?

    Cases on Lawlane are not available offline. However, subscribers can bookmark or save their research on the website and it will be available to them whenever they login, thus saving valuable time that would have been spent doing the same research again. 

  • How can I save cases I already researched?

    There is a feature on the Lawlane called Bookmark. Use the bookmark to save all cases you already researched on.

    Next time you want to access them, just login to your profile, and check bookmarks. All your saved cases would be available to you.

  • How can I assess all the cases on the database?

    All the cases on the Lawlane database are not in the same directory. Nigerian cases will be found under “Cases” while foreign judgements, considered to be locus classicus, will be found under “Foreign Judgements.” Case summaries and Abridged version of cases can be found under Lex Collegium, and may or may not be available under the regular case database. Kindly use our powerful search tools to find the cases that suit your needs.

  • How can I find specific cases on the database?

    Specific cases can be found on the database with incomplete or insufficient data on those cases. Cases can be researched by year of publication, subject, alphabetical order or by Google custom search.


  • How can I make payment?

    Lawlane supports online payment through Paystack payment system. Using the Payment Gateway, you can make your payment using your credit/debit card, USSD, direct bank transfer and any other payment method supported by the Paystack platform.

  • My Subscription was suspended before expiry?

    A. Please ensure your last payment was updated, and log out, and login in again. If the problem persists, contact us using the contact form on the website or send us a complaint at payment@lawlane.com

  • I renewed my subscription before the end of my subscription but I was suspended anyway, how can I rectify it?

    A. It means your account was not updated after your last payment. Send details of your payment to payment@thelawlane.com

    To ensure such problems don’t reoccur , after payment before the expiration of your subscription, ensure that the expiry date on the profile side bar of your login page, has been updated and is reflecting your current payment. If it is not, it means your payment has not been verified, and you should promptly send us a complaint at payment@thelawlane.com