FEDERAL STATUTEs (Alphabetical Listing)
2. Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University, Bauchi Act
3. Acts Authentication Act
4. Administration of Justice Commission Act
5. Administrative Staff College of Nigeria Act
6. Admiralty Jurisdiction Act
7. Advance Fee Fraud and Other Fraud Related Offences Act
8. Advance Fee Fraud and other Fraud Related Offences (Amendment) Act, 2005
9. Advance Fee Fraud and Other Fraud Related Offences Act 2006
10. Advertising Practitioners (Registration, Etc.) Act
  1. Advisory Council on Religious Affairs Act
12. African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights (Ratification and Enforcement) Act
13. Agricultural and Rural Management Training Institute Act
14. Agricultural Credit Guarantee Scheme Fund Act
15. Agricultural Research Council Of Nigeria Act
16. Agricultural(Control of Importation) Act
17. Ahmadu Bello University(Transitional  Provisions) Act
18. Ahmadu Bello University Act
19. Allocation of Revenue (Abolition of Dichotomy in the Application of The Principle of Derivation) Act,
20. Allocation of Revenue (Federation Accounts, Etc.) Act
21. Anatomy Act
22. Animal Diseases (Control) Act
23. Arbitration and Conciliation Act
24. Architects (Registration, Etc.) Act
25. Armed Forces Act
26. Armed Forces Comfort Fund Act
27. Armed Forces (Disciplinary Proceedings) (Special Provisions) Act
28. Armed Forces Pensions Act
29. Army Colour (Prohibition of use) Act
30. Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria Act, 2010
31. Associated Gas Re-Injection Act
32. Association of National Accountants of Nigeria Act
33. B
34. Bank Employees, Etc. (Declaration of Assets) Act
35. Bankruptcy Act
36. Banks and Other Financial Institutions Act
37. Banks (Motor Vehicle Loans) (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act
38. Bayero University Act
39. Bees(Import Control and Management) Act
40. Bight of Bonny Act
41. Bills of Exchange Act
42. Births, Deaths, Etc(Compulsory Registration) Act
43. Border Communities Development Agency Act, 2003
44. Border Communities Development Agency Act (Amendment) Act, 2006
45. Borrowing by Public Bodies Act(Repealed by Debt Management Office Establishment, Etc Act 2003
46. Borstal Institutions and Remand Centres Act
47. Boy Scouts Act
48. Builders(Registration, Etc) Act
49. Building Lines(Federal Trunk Roads) Act
51. Capital Gains Tax Act
52. Carriage of Goods by Sea Act
53. Casino Taxation Act
54. Central Bank of Nigeria Act
55. Central Bank of Nigeria Act, 2007
56. Centre for Automotive Design and Development Act
57. Centre for Black and African Arts and Civilisation Act
58. Certain Political, Public and Judicial Office Holders (Salaries and Allowances, etc) (Amendment) Act,
59. Chartered Institute of Administration Act
60. Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria Act
61. Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria Act, 2007
62. Chartered Institute of Professional Printers of Nigeria Act, 2007
63. Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply Management of Nigeria (Establishment) Act 2007
64. Chartered Institute of Stockbrokers Act
65. Chartered Institute of Taxation of Nigeria Act
66. Chartered Insurance Institute of Nigeria Act
67. Child’s Right Act, 2003
68. Citizenship and Leadership Training Centre Act
69. Civil Aviation Act
70. Civil Aviation (Repeal and Re-Enactment) Act 2006
71. Civil Aviation(Fire and Security Measures) Act
72. Coastal and Inland Shipping (Cabotage) Act, 2003
73. Code of Conduct Bureau and Tribunal Act
74. Coins Act
75. Commodity Boards Act
76. Community Banks Act
77. Community Health Practitioners (Registration, Etc.)Act
78. Companies and Allied Matters Act
79. Companies Income Tax Act
80. Companies Income Tax (Amendment) Act, 2007
81. Compulsory, Free Universal Basic Education Act, 2004
82. Computer Professionals (Registration Council of Nigeria)Act
83. Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (Promulgation Act)
84. Constitution of The Federal Republic of Nigeria (First Alteration) Act, 2010
85. Constitution of The Federal Republic of Nigeria (Second Alteration) Act, 2010
86. Constitution of The Federal Republic of Nigeria (Third Alteration) Act, 2010
87. Corrigendum on Nigerian Deposit Insurance Company Act, 2006
88. Council for The Regulation of Freight Forwarding in Nigeria Act, 2007
89. Consular Conventions Act
90. Consumer Protection Council Act
91. Control of Advertisement (Federal Highways) Act
92. Co-operative Development Act
93. Copyright Act
94. Copy Rights (Amendments) Act
95. Corneal Grafting Act
96. Co-operative Bodies (Members’ Emoluments)Acts
97. Corrupt Practices and other Related Offences Act
98. Council of Ministers (Evidence) Act
99. Council of Nigerian Mining Engineers and Geo-scientists Act
100. Counterfeit and Fake Drugs and Unwholesome Processed Foods(Miscellaneous Provisions) Act
101. Counterfeit Currency (Special Provisions) Act
102. Court of Appeal Act
103. Court of Appeal (Amendment) Act
104. Court of Appeal (Amendment) Act, 2005
105. Creation of States and Boundary Adjustment (Procedure) Act
106. Criminal Code Act
107. Criminal Justice(Miscellaneous Provisions) Act
108. Criminal Justice (Release from Custody) (Special Provisions) Act
109. Criminal Procedure Act
110. Criminal Procedure (Northern States) Act
111. Currency Conversion (Freezing Orders) Act
112. Currency Offences Act
113. Customs and Excise Management Act
114. Customs and Excise Management (Amendment) Act, 2003
115. Customs and Excise Management(Disposal of Goods) Act
116. Customs and Excise (Special Penal and Other Provisions) Act
117. Custom Duties (Dumped and Subsidized Goods) Act
118. Customs, Excise Tariff, Etc. (Consolidation) Act
120. Dangerous Drugs Act
121. Decimal Currency Act
122. Debt Management Office (establishment, (etc) Act, 2003
123. Deep Offshore and Inland Basin Production Sharing Contracts Act
124. Defence Industries Corporation of Nigeria Act
125. Defence Industries Corporation of Nigeria(Exclusion of Armed Forces Armament Depot) Act
126. Dental Technologists (Registration, Etc.) Act
127. Dental Therapists (Registration, Etc.) Act
128. Designation of Enactments Act
129. Diplomatic Immunities Privileges Act
130. Directorate of Food, Roads and Rural Infrastructures Act
131. Dishonoured Cheques (Offences) Act
133. Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (Establishment) Act
134. Educational Correspondence Colleges Accreditation Act
135. Education (National Minimum Standards and Establishment of Institutions) Act
136. Education Tax Act
137. Elections (Registration, Etc. Of Voters) Act
138. electoral Act
139. Electoral (Amendment) Act, 2004
140. Electoral Act, 2006
141. Electoral (Amendment) Act, 2007
142. Electoral (Amendment) Act, 2010
143. Electoral Act 2011
144. Electoral (Amendment) Act (No.2), 2011
145. Electricity Act
146. Electric Power Sector Reform Act, 2005
147. Electric Power Sector Reform Act, 2008
148. Employee’s Compensation Act, 2010
  1. Employees Housing Schemes(Special Provisions) Act
150. Endangered Species (Control of International Trade and Traffic) Act
151. Energy Commission of Nigeria Act
152. Engineers (Registration, Etc.)Act
153. Environmental Impact Assessment Act
154. Estate Surveyors and Valuers (Registration, Etc.) Act
155. Evidence Act
156. Examination Malpractices Act
157. Excise (Control of Distillation) Act
158. Exclusive Economic Zones Act
159. Explosives Act
160. Export(Incentives and Miscellaneous Provisions) Act
161. Export of Nigerian Produce Act
162. Export Produce(Federal Powers) Act
163. Export (Prohibition)Act
164. External Loan(Rehabilitation, Reconstruction and Development) Act
165. External Trade Letters of Credit(Control) Act
166. Extradition Act
167. Extradition Treaty between The Government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and The Government
of The Republic of South Africa (Ratification and Enforcement) Act, 2004 (2005)
168. Evidence Act, 2011
170. Factories Act
171. Failed Banks (Recovery of Debts) and Financial Malpractices in Banks Act
172. Family Economic Advancement Programme (Establishment,Etc.) Act
173. Family Support Trust Fund Act
174. Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria Act
175. Federal Capital Territory Act
176. Federal Capital Territory Abuja Area Courts (Repeal and Enactment) Act, 2010
177. Federal Character Commission (Establishment, Etc) Act
178. Federal Colleges of Education Act
179. Federal Commissions (Privileges and Immunities) Act
180. Federal Environmental Protection Agency Act (Repealed)
181. Federal Government Staff Housing Board Act
182. Federal High Court Act
183. Federal High Court (Amendment) Act, 2005
184. Federal Highways Act
185. Federal Housing Authority Act
186. Federal Inland Revenue Service (Establishment) Act, 2007
187. Federal Judicial Officers (Administration of Pensions) Act, 2007
188. Federal Lands Registry (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act
189. Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria Act
190. Federal Polytechnics Act
191. Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria Act
192. Federal Roads Maintenance Agency (Amendment) Act, 2007
193. Federal Road Safety Commission Act
194. Federal Road Safety Commission (Establishment) Act, 2007
195. Federal Savings Bank Act
196. Federal School of Surveying Act
197. Federal Universities of Agriculture Act
198. Federal Universities of Technology Act
199. Federal Urban Mass Transit Agency Act
200. Fertilizer(Control)Act
201. Finance (Control and Management) Act
202. Financial Year Act
203. Firearms Act
204. Fire Service Act
205. Fiscal Responsibility Act 2007
206. Fiscal Responsibility Commission Act (Amendment) Bill, 2011
207. Flags and Coat of Arms Act
208. Flags of Nigerian Ships Act
209. Food and Drugs Act
210. Food Drugs and Related Products(Registration, Etc) Act
211. Foreign Exchange(Monitoring and Miscellaneous Provisions) Act
212. Foreign Judgements (Reciprocal Enforcement) Act
213. Freedom of Information Act,2011
214. Gaming Machines(Prohibition Act)
215. General Loan and Stock Act
216. Geneva Conventions Act
217. Government Promissory Notes Act
218. Harmful Waste (Special Criminal Provisions, Etc.) Act
219. Health Records Officers (Registration, Etc.) Act
220. Hides and Skin Act
221. Hire Purchase Act
222. Hydrocarbon Oil Refineries Act
223. Hydroelectric Power Producing Areas Development Commission (Establishment, etc.) Act, 2010
224. Immigration Act
225. Immigration and Prisons Services Board Act, formerly Customs, Immigration and Prison Services
Board Act, See 1992 No.45
226. Import(Prohibition)Act
227. Income Tax(Authorised Communications )Act
228. Independent National Electoral Commission (Establishment, Etc.) Act
229. Indian Hemp Act
230. Industrial Development(Income Tax Relief)Act
231. Industrial Inspectorate Act
232. Industrial Training Fund Act
233. Infrastructure Concession Regulatory Commission (Establishment, etc.) Act, 2005
234. Inland Fisheries Act
235. Institute of Chartered Accountants Act
236. Institute of Chartered Chemists of Nigeria Act
237. Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators of Nigeria Act
238. Institute for Democratic and Legislative Studies Act, 2007 (repealed by the National Institute for
Legislative Studies Act, 2011)
239. Institute of Medical Laboratory Science and Technology Act
240. Institute of Personnel Management of Nigeria Act
241. Institute of Public Analysts of Nigeria Act
242. Insurance Act, (repealed by INSURANCE ACT 2003, NO.1)
243. Insurance Act 2003
244. Internal Loans Act
245. Internal Loans( Rehabilitation, Reconstruction and Development)Act
246. International Centre for Settlement of Investments Disputes(Enforcement of Awards) Act
247. International Convention for The Prevention of Pollution from Ships, 1973 and Protocol (Ratification
and Enforcement) Act, 2007
248. International Convention on Civil Liability for Oil Pollution Damage (Ratification and Enforcement)
Act, 2006
249. International Convention on The Establishment of An International Fund for Compensation for Oil
Pollution Damage 1971 as Amended (Ratification) Act, 2006
250. International Financial Organisations Act
251. International Institute of Tropical Agriculture Act
252. Interpretation Act
253. Investments and Securities Act
254. Investments and Securities Act, 2007
255. Irrua Specialist Teaching Hospital Act
256. Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board Act
257. Labour Act
258. Lagos International Trade Fair Complex Management Board Act
259. Lagos Port Operations (Special Provisions) Act
260. Lagos University Teaching Hospital Act
261. Land Use Act
262. Land Use Act(Validation of Certain Laws, Etc.) Act
263. Lands (Title Vesting, Etc.) Act
264. Law Officers Act
265. Legal Aid Act
266. Legal Education(Consolidation, Etc) Act
267. Legal Practitioners Act
268. Legislative Houses(Powers and Privileges)Act
269. Librarians(Registration, Etc.) Council of Nigeria Act
270. Live Fish(Control of Importation) Act
271. Loans Act
272. Loan(State Development) Act
273. Local Loans (Registered Stock and Securities)Act
274. Maintenance Orders Act
275. Marine Insurance Act
276. Maritime Academy of Nigeria Act
277. Maritime Operations Co-ordinating Board Act
278. Marketing (Breast-Milk Substitutes) Act
279. Marriage Act
280. Marriage (Validation) Act
281. Matrimonial Causes Act
282. Medical and Dental Practitioners Act
283. Medical Rehabilitation Therapists (Registration, Etc.) Act
284. Merchandise Marks Act
285. Merchant Shipping Act
286. Merchant Shipping Act, 2007
287. Minerals and Mining Act
288. Mines and Quarries (Control of Buildings, Etc.) Act
289. Ministers’ Statutory Powers and Duties (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act
290. Ministry of Finance Incorporated Act
291. Minor Offences (Miscellaneous Provisions ) Act
292. Miscellaneous Offences Act formerly Special Tribunal (Miscellaneous Offences) Act, See 1999 No. 62
293. Money Laundering (Prohibition) Act
294. Money Laundering (Prohibition) Act 2003
295. Money Laundering (Prohibition) Act, 2004
296. Money Laundering (Prohibition) Act, 2011
297. Monitoring of Revenue Allocation to Local Governments Act, 2005
298. Mortgage Institutions Act
299. Motor Spirit (Returns ) Act
300. Motor Vehicles (Prohibition of Tinted Glass) Act
301. Motor Vehicles (Third Party Insurance) Act
302. Motor Vehicles (Third Party Liability Insurance) (ECOWAS Brown Card Scheme) Act
303. Mutual Assistance in Criminal Matters Within the Commonwealth (Enactment and Enforcement) Act
304. National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control Act
305. National Agency for Population Programmes and Development Act
306. National Agency for Science and Engineering Infrastructure Act
307. National Agricultural Land Development Authority Act
308. National Agricultural Seeds Act
309. National Archives Act
310. National Assembly Services Commission Act
311. National Automotive Council Act
312. National Automotive Council (Amendment) Act
313. National Board for Technical Education Act
314. National Boundary Commission, Etc. Act
315. National Boundary Commission (Establishment) Act, 2006
316. National Broadcasting Commission Act
317. National Broadcasting Commission Amendment Act
318. National Business and Technical Examinations Board Act
319. National Centre for Agricultural Mechanisation Act
320. National Centre for Economic Management and Administration Act
321. National Centre for Women Development Act
322. National Civic Registration Act
323. National Commission for Colleges of Education Act
324. National Commission for Mass Literacy, Adult and Non-Formal Education Act National Automotive
Council (Amendment) Act, 2007
325. National Commission for Museums and Monuments Act
326. National Commission for Nomadic Education Act
327. National Commission for Refugees, Etc. Act
328. National Commission for Rehabilitation Act
329. National Commission for Women Act
330. National Committee on Geographical Names Act
331. National Council for Arts and Culture Act
332. National Council of Nigerian Vision (Establishment, Etc.) Act
333. National Crop Varieties and Livestock Breeds (Registration, Etc.) Act
334. National Directorate of Employment Act
335. National Drug Formulary and Essential Drugs List Act
336. National Drug Law Enforcement Agency Act
337. National Economic Intelligence Committee (Establishment, Etc.) Act
338. National Economic Reconstruction fund Act
339. National Electric Power Authority
340. National Emergency Management Agency (Establishment, Etc.) Act
341. National Endowment for the Arts Act
342. National Environmental Standards and Regulations Enforcement Agency(Establishment) Act, 2007
343. National Examination Council (NECO) (Establishment) Act
344. National Eye Centre Act
345. National Fertilizer Board Act
346. National Film and Video Censors Boards Act
347. National Gallery of Art Act
348. National Gallery of Art (Amendment) Act, 2004
349. National Hajj Commission of Nigeria (NAHCON) (Establishment) Act, 2006
350. National Health Insurance Scheme Act
351. National Honours Act
352. National Hospital for Women and Children, Abuja (Establishment, Etc.) Act
353. National Housing Fund Act
354. National Human Rights Commission Act
355. National Human Rights Commission (Amendment) Act, 2010
356. National Identity Management Commission Act, 2007
357. National Information Technology Development Agency act, 2007
358. National Inland Waterways Authority Act
359. National Institute for Cultural Orientation Act
360. National Institute for Labour Studies Act
361. National Institute for Legislative Studies Act, 2011
362. National Institute for Nigerian Languages Act
363. National Institute for Policy and Strategic Studies Act
364. National Institute for Sports Act
365. National Institute for The Control of HIV and AIDS (Establishment) Act, 2007
366. National Institute of Marketing of Nigeria Act, 2003
367. National Insurance Commission Act
368. National Insurance Corporation of Nigeria Act
369. National Judicial Institute Act
370. National Library Act
371. National Lottery Act, 2005
372. National Manpower Board Act
373. National Mathematical Centre Act
374. National Medical College Act
375. National Metallurgical Development Centre Act
376. National Minimum Wage Act
377. National Minimum Wage (Amendment) Act, 2011
378. National Office for Technology Acquisitions and Promotion Act formerly National Office of Industrial
Property Act: See 1992, No.82
379. National Oil Spill Detection and Response Agency (Establishment) Act, 2006
380. National Open University Act
381. National Orientation Agency Act
382. National Parks Service Act
383. National Park Service (Amendment) Act, 2006
384. National Planning Commission Act
385. National Population Commission Act
386. National Primary Education Commission, Etc. Act
387. National Primary Health Care Development Agency Act
388. National Productivity Centre Act
389. National Programme on Immunization Act
390. National Salaries, Incomes and Wages Commission Act
391. National Secondary Education Commission, Etc Act
392. National Security Agencies Act
393. National Shipping Policy Act
394. National Steel Council Act
395. National Steel Raw Materials Exploration Agency Act
396. National Sugar Development Council Act
397. National Space Research and Development Agency Act, 2010
398. National Teachers’ Institute Act
399. National Theatre and the National Troupe of Nigeria Board Act
400. National Universities Commission Act
401. National War College Act
402. National Water Resources Institute Act
403. National Youth Service Corps Act
404. News Agency of Nigeria Act
405. Niger-Delta Development Commission (Establishment Etc.) Act
406. Niger Delta Development Commission Appropriation Act, 2009
407. Niger Delta Development Commission Statutory Appropriation Act 2008
408. Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corporation Act, 2006
409. Nigeria Export Processing Zones Act (Cap n 107 2004) Tinapa Free Zone and Resort Regulations,
410. Nigeria Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (NEITI) Act, 2007
411. Nigeria Hydrological Services Agency (Establishment) Act, 2010
412. Nigeria LNG(Fiscal Incentives, Guarantees and Assurances) Act
413. Nigeria Security and Civil Defense Corps Act, 2007
414. Nigeria Social Insurance Trust Fund Act
415. Nigeria Sovereign Investment Authority (Establishment, etc.) Act, 2011
416. Nigerian Agricultural Insurance Corporation Act
417. Nigerian Airspace Management Agency (Establishment, Etc.) Act
418. Nigerian Atomic Energy Commission Act
419. Nigerian Bank for Commerce and Industry Act
420. Nigerian Children’s Trust Fund Act
421. Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (Establishment, Etc) Act
422. Nigerian Civil Aviation Training Centre Act, cf Nigerian College of Aviation Technology Act
423. Nigerian Christian Pilgrim Commission (Establishment) Act, 2007
424. Nigerian Coal Corporation Act
425. Nigerian College of Aviation Technology Act, Formerly Nigerian Civil Aviation Training Centre Act,
See 1990 No.42
426. Nigerian Communications Commission Act, (Repealed by the  Nigerian Communication Commission
Act 2003 No. 19
427. Nigerian Communication Commission Act 2003
428. Nigerian Co-Operative Societies Act
429. Nigerian Council for Management Development Act
430. Nigerian Customs Service Board Act, formerly Board of Customs and Excise Act
431. Nigerian Defence Academy Act
432. Nigerian Deposit Insurance Corporation Act
433. Nigerian Dock Labour Act, repealed by Nigerian Maritime Labour Act 2003 No. 10
434. Nigerian Education Bank Act
435. Nigerian Educational Research and Development Council Act
436. Nigerian Export- Import Bank Act
437. Nigerian Export Processing Zones Act
438. Nigerian Export Promotion Council Act
439. Nigeria Extractive Industries  Transparency (NEITI) Act
440. Nigerian Film Corporation Act
441. Nigerian Football Association Act
442. Nigerian Geological Survey Agency (Establishment) Act, 2006
443. Nigerian Industrial Development Bank (Guarantee) Act
444. Nigerian Institute of Advanced Legal Studies Act
445. Nigerian Institute of International Affairs Act
446. Nigerian Institute of Public Relations Practitioners Act
447. Nigerian Institute of Social and Economic Research Act
448. Nigerian Institute of Transport Technology Act
449. Nigerian Investment Promotion Commission Act
450. Nigerian Law Reform Commission Act
451. Nigerian Legion Act
452. Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency Act, 2007
453. Nigerian Meteorological Agency (Establishment) Act, 2003
454. Nigerian Mining Corporation Act
455. Nigerian National Heroes Register Act
456. Nigerian Minerals and Mining Act, 2007
457. Nigerian National Merit Award
458. Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation Act
459. Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (Projects) Act
460. Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry Content Development Bill, 2010
461. Nigerian Pilgrims Commission Act
462. Nigerian Ports Authority Act
463. Nigerian Postal Service Act
464. Nigerian Press Council Act
465. Nigerian Railway Corporation Act
466. Nigerian Red Cross Society Act
467. Nigerian Reinsurance Corporation Act
468. Nigerian Research Institutes Act
469. Nigerian Shippers’ Council Act
470. Nigerian Steel Development Authority Act
471. Nigerian Technical Aid Corps Act
472. Nigerian Television Authority Act
473. Nigerian Tourism Development Corporation Act
474. Nigerian Urban and Regional Planning Act
475. Nnamdi Azikiwe University Act
476. Nnamdi Azikiwe University Teaching Hospital Act
477. Notaries Public Act
478. Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection Act
479. Nursing and Midwifery (Registration, Etc.) Act
480. Oaths Act
481. Obafemi Awolowo University (Transitional Provisions) Act
482. Official Secrets Act
483. Off-Shore Oil Revenues (Registration of Grants) Act
484. Oil and Gas Export Free Zone Act
485. Oil in Navigable Waters Act
486. Oil Pipelines Act
487. Oil Terminal Dues Act
488. Optometrists and Dispensing Opticians(Registration, Etc) Act
489. Orthopedic Hospitals Management Board Act
490. Oso Condensate Project Act
491. Passport(Miscellaneous Provisions) Act
492. Patents and Designs Act
493. Penal Code(Northern States) Federal Provisions Act
494. Pensions Act
495. Pensions Rights Of Judges Act
496. Pension Reform Act, 2004
497. Pension Reform (Amendment) Act
498. Pensions (Transfer of Responsibility)(United Kingdom Agreement) Act
499. People’s Bank of Nigeria Act
500. Personal Income Tax Act
501. Pest Control of Produce (Special Powers ) Act
502. Petroleum Act
503. Petroleum Act (Cap 350 LFN) National Data Repository Regulations
504. Petroleum Equalisation Fund( Management Board, Etc) Act
505. Petroleum Production and Distribution (Anti-Sabotage) Act
506. Petroleum Products Pricing Regulatory Agency (Establishment) Act,
507. Petroleum Profits Tax Act
508. Petroleum(Special) Trust Fund Act
509. Petroleum Technology Development Fund Act
510. Petroleum Training Institute Act
511. Pharmacists Council of Nigeria Act
512. Pharmacists  Council  of  Nigeria  Act  (1992  No.  91)  Registration  of  Pharmaceutical  Premises
513. Piers Act
514. Police Act
515. Police and other Agencies Pensions Offices (Establishment, Etc.) Act
516. Police(Pension Rights of Inspector-General of Police) Act
517. Population Activities Fund Act
518. Ports (Related Offences, Etc.) Act
519. Posts and Telecommunications Proceedings Act
520. Pre-Shipment Inspection of Exports Act
521. Pre-Shipment Inspection of Imports Act
522. Prevention of Crimes Act
523. Price Control Act
524. Prisons Act
525. Private Guards Companies Act
526. Probates (Re-Sealing) Act
527. Produce (Enforcement of Export Standards) Act
528. Professional Bodies (Special Provisions) Act
529. Psychiatric Hospitals Management Board Act
530. Public Accounts Committee Act
531. Public Accounts Implementation Tribunal Act
532. Public Complaints Commission Act
533. Public Enterprises(Privatisation and Commercialisation) Act
534. Public Enterprises Regulatory Commission Act
535. Public Holidays Act
536. Public Officers Protection Act
537. Public Order Act (Voided)
538. Public Procurement Act
539. Quantity Surveyors (Registration, Etc.) Act
540. Quarantine Act
541. Radiographers(Registration, Etc) Act
542. Railway Loan(International Bank) Act
543. Raw Materials Research and Development Council Act
544. Recovery of Public Property(Special Military Tribunals) Act, See Recovery of Public Property(Special
Provisions Act)
545. Recovery of Public Property(Special Provisions) Act
546. Regional Centre for International Commercial Arbitration Act
547. Remuneration of Former Presidents and Heads of State(and other Ancillary Matters)  Act
548. Revenue Mobilisation, Allocation and Fiscal Commission Act
549. Revised Edition (Laws of The Federation of Nigeria) Act, 2007
550. Revolving Loans Fund for Industry Act
551. River Basins Development Authorities Act
552. River Niger Transit Act
553. Robbery and Firearms(Special Provisions) Act
554. Savings Bonds and Certificates Act
555. School Year (Variation Act)
556. Scientific and Industrial Research Act
557. Sea Fisheries Act
558. Sheda Science and Technology Complex Act
559. Small and Medium Scale Industries Development Agency (Establishment) Act
560. Small and Medium Scale Enterprises Development Agency (Amendment) Act
561. Sheriff and Civil Process Act
562. Social Development Act
563. Special Supplementary Appropriation Act
564. Special Tribunal(Miscellaneous Offences) Act, See Miscellaneous Offences Act
565. Stamp Duties Act
566. Standards Organisation of Nigeria Act
567. The Statistics Act
568. Statutory Corporations, Etc.(Special Provisions) Act
569. Statutory Corporations (Modifications, Etc.) Act
570. Statutory Corporations(Pensionable Officers)(Retiring Age Limit) Act
571. Students Union Activities (Control and Regulation) Act
572. Supreme Court Act
573. Supreme Court (Additional Jurisdiction) Act
574. Survey Co-Ordination Act
575. Surveyors Registration Council of Nigeria Act
576. Tafawa Balewa Square Management Act
577. Taxes and Levies(Approved List for Collection) Act
578. Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria Act
579. Telecommunications and Postal Offences Act
580. Territorial Waters Act
581. Terrorism (Prevention) Act
582. The Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offenses Act, 2003
583. The Education Tax Fund (Amendment) Act, 2003
584. The Electoral Act (Amendment) Act, 2003
585. The High Court of the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja (Number of Judges) Act, 2003
586. The international Convention for The Safety of Life at Sea (Ratification and Enforcement) Act, 2004
587. The Medical Laboratory Science Council of Nigeria Act, 2003
588. The Nigeria Security and Civil Defense, Corps Act, 2003
589. The Nigerian Accounting Standards Board Act, 2003
590. The Nigerian Council of Registered Insurance Brokers Act, 2003
591. The Nigerian Institute of Management (Establishment) Act, 2003
592. The Nigerian Institute of Science Laboratory Technology Act, 2003
593. The Nigerian Maritime Labour Act, 2003
594. The Ports (Related Offenses, etc.) (Amendment) Act, 2003
595. The Statistics Act, 2007
596. The Supplementary Appropriation Act, 2003
597. Tobacco Smoking (Control) Act
598. Town Planners (Registration, Etc.) Act
599. Trade Disputes Act
600. Trade Disputes (Essential Services) Act
601. Trade (EEC Preferences under the Lome Convention) Act
602. Trade (Generalised System of Preferences) Act
603. Trade Malpractices( Miscellaneous Offences) Act
604. Trade Marks Act
605. Trade Unions Act
606. Trade Union (Amendment) Act 2005
607. Trade Unions (International Affiliation) Act
608. Trafficking in Persons (Prohibition) Law Enforcement and Administration Act
609. Trafficking in Persons (Prohibition) Law Enforcement and Administration (Amendment) Act, 2005
610. Transfer of Convicted Offenders (Enactment and Enforcement)Act
611. Transferred Officers and Pensions Liability, Etc. Act
612. Treasury Bills Act
613. Treasury Certificates Act
614. Treaties (Making Procedure, Etc.) Act
615. Treaty Between The Federal Republic of Nigeria and The Democratic Republic of Sao tome and
Principe on The Joint Development of Petroleum and other Resources in areas of The Exclusive
Economic Zone of The Two (2) States (Ratification and Enforcement) Act, 2005
616. Treaty on Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters Between The Government of  The Federal
Republic of Nigeria and The Government of The Republic of South Africa (Ratification and
Enforcement) Act, 2004
617. Treaty to Establish African Economic Community Relating to the Pan-African Parliament (Accession
and Jurisdiction) Act, 2004 (2005)
618. Treaty to Establish Rotterdam Convention on The Prior Informed Consent Procedure For Certain
Hazardous Chemicals and Pesticides in International Trade (Ratification and Enforcement) Act, 2005
619. Treaty to Establish The African Union (Ratification and Enforcement) Act, 2003
620. Tribunals of Inquiry Act
621. Trustee Investments Act
622. Tribunals (Certain Consequential Amendments) Act
623. United Nations Convention of Carriage of Goods by Sea (Ratification and Enforcement) Act, 2005
624. Universities (Miscellaneous Provisions) (Amendment) Act, 2003
625. University College Hospital Act
626. University of Abuja Act
627. University of Benin Teaching Hospital Management Board Act
628. University of Benin (Transitional Provisions) Act
629. University of Calabar Act
630. University of Ibadan Act
631. University of Illorin Act
632. University of Jos Act
633. University of Lagos Act
634. University of Maiduguri Act
635. University of Nigeria Act
636. University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital Management Board Act
637. University of Port Harcourt Act
638. University of Sokoto Act, See Usumanu Dan Fodio University Act
639. University Teaching Hospitals (Reconstitution of Boards, Etc.) Act
640. Urban Development Bank of Nigeria Act
641. Usumanu Dan Fodio University Act
  1. Utilities Charges Commission Act


  1. Value Added Tax Act
  1. Value Added Tax (Amendment) Act 2007
  1. Venture Capital (Incentives) Act
  1. Veterinary Surgeons Act
  1. Visiting Forces Act
  1. Voice of Nigeria Corporation Act


  1. Wages Boards and Industrial Councils Act
  1. Water Resources Act
  1. Weights and Measures Act
  1. West African Examination Council Act
  1. West African Gas Pipeline Project Act
  1. Wireless Telegraphy Act
  1. Workmen’s Compensation Act
  1. World Meteorological Organisation(Protection) Act