There are three methods of payment in Lexlords:

If you use the first method:

1. Bank Payment, you can use either of the following platforms:

i. Bank Deposit in any of our listed account numbers here

ii. ATM Transfer

iii. Mobile Banking App

iv. Internet Banking (From your bank)

v. Third party payment methods, like Quickteller, Paga, PayWithCapture, or any other payment method you are familiar with

We have our methods of tracking all payments. However, ensure that after payment you send us the following details;

i. Full Name (Should be the same with your Bank Account)

ii. User Name

iii. Subscription Package

iv. Amount Due

v. Payment method

vi. Bank

vii. Branch (where applicable)

viii. Teller No (where applicable);

to or +234-806-242-1406

Note: You will be activated within five minutes once your payment is confirmed; or after five minutes, notwithstanding verification of your payment. Where the latter option is adopted, your subscription will be suspended within 24 hours, if your payment can still not be verified.

2. Web Payment Portal

If you pay using our web payment portal; your account should be automatically updated. If it fails to update, send your name, username, and payment details, including time of payment to

3. Payment through an agent

If you pay through an agent, your account will only be updated upon receipt of confirmation from the agent. If your payment is not confirmed, please send your name, amount paid, name of agent and location of transaction to