Subscription Issues

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Subscriptions Issues

1. Payment

Q. How can I make payment?

A. There are three methods of payment in Lexlords:

If you use the first method:

1. Bank Payment, you can use either of the following platforms:

i. Bank Deposit in any of our listed account numbers here

ii. ATM Transfer

iii. Mobile Banking App

iv. Internet Banking (From your bank)

v. Third party payment methods, like Quickteller, Paga, PayWithCapture, or any other payment method you are familiar with

We have our methods of tracking all payments. However, ensure that after payment you send us the following details;

i. Full Name (Should be the same with your Bank Account)

ii. User Name

iii. Subscription Package

iv. Amount Due

v. Payment method

vi. Bank

viii. Teller No (where applicable);

to admin@thelawlords.com or +234-806-242-1406

Note: You will be activated within five minutes once your payment is confirmed; or after five minutes, notwithstanding verification of your payment. Where the latter option is adopted, your subscription will be suspended within 24 hours, if your payment can still not be verified.

2. Web Payment Portal

If you pay using our web payment portal; your account should be automatically updated. If it fails to update, send your name, username, and payment details, including time of payment to admin@lawlords.com

3. Payment through an agent

If you pay through an agent, your account will only be updated upon receipt of confirmation from the agent. If your payment is not confirmed, please send your name, amount paid, name of agent and location of transaction to admin@lawlords.com

Q. My Subscription was suspended before expiry

A. Please ensure your last payment was updated, and log out, and login in again. If the problem persists, send us a complaint at payment@lawlords.com

Q. I renewed my subscription before the end of my subscription but I was suspended anyway

A. It means your account was not updated after your last payment. Send details of your payment to payment@thelawlords.com

To ensure such problems don’t reoccur , after payment before the expiration of your subscription, ensure that the expiry date on the profile side bar of your login page, has been updated and is reflecting your current payment. If it is not, it means your payment has not been verified, and you should promptly send us a complaint at payment@thelawlords.com


Please see the FAQ exclusively for the School of Law here.


Q. What cases are available on our website?

A. Lexlords provides three categories of cases ;

i. Ancient foundational locus classicus cases (foreign and domestic);

ii. Cases of great notoriety or exposition of already established principles

iii. Recent cases.

Q. Can I view cases in offline mode?

A. No.

Q. How can I save cases I already researched?

A. There is a feature on the Lexlords called Bookmark. Use the bookmark to save all cases you already researched on.

Next time you want to access them, just login to your profile, and check bookmarks. All your saved cases would be available to you.

Q. How can I assess all the cases on the database?

A. All the cases on the Lexlords database are not in the same directory. Nigerian cases will be found under “Cases” while ancient foundational locus classicus foreign judgements will be found under “Foreign Judgements.” Case summaries and Abridged version of cases can be found under School of Law, and may or may not be available under the regular case database.

Q. How can I find cases?

A. Cases can be researched by year of publication, subject, alphabetical order or by Google custom search.

Q. Do all cases have summary?

A. No. National Industrial Court cases don’t have summaries, because it is expected that the reader should read the process of evaluation of evidence, inference and deduction of facts, and fact finding processes of trial court.